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How the coating process of aluminum windows adds to the life & beauty

How the coating process of aluminum windows adds to the life & beauty

Aluminium French Windows

The coating process of aluminium windows is very important as it helps in maximizing the strength and beauty of aluminum.

TOSTEM’s unique TEXGUARD anodized finish gives a high level of protection, alongside showing the beautiful appearance of natural aluminum. TOSTEM offers a wide range of color variations, which allows you to enjoy its lifelong beauty, adding happiness to your lifestyle.

Benefits of TEXGUARD
  • COLOR RETENTION TEXGUARD protect the aluminum against harsh environmental conditions, making the color gloss stay for at least 40 years.
  • INCREASED HARDNESS Dense coating of TEXGUARD improve hardness and provides scratch resistance for the aluminum surface.
  • EASE OF CLEANING Dust and dirt accumulation resistance quality of TEXGUARD makes the task of cleaning the surface less effort.

Convensional Anodize


TOSTEM Texguard Anodize


Arpan Wasan - Window Consultant

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11 August 2020 Aluminium Windows

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