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System Aluminum Windows

System Aluminum Windows are becoming highly popular in India due to longer life, greater reliability and quality assurance. Aluminum is also the dominant material for residential windows in neighboring countries like, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai and Middle East where the climatic conditions are similar. In these markets aluminum is seen as a premium window material.

Interior designers in home building industry preferred Aluminum as the most reliable material for windows. Aluminum is being considered as an excellent option for modern home design and décor, as Aluminum windows are low maintenance, beautiful and durable.

Contemporary designs & slim frames!

By its very nature, metal windows are both slim and strong. It is much easier to fix and operate hardware (metal to metal). Aluminum windows commonly do not require additional steel reinforcing, which is compulsory with other materials. The reinforcing can only be inserted in middle section leaving the corners very weak.

Recent developments in ‘Aluminum Minimal Frames’ distributes wind-load across the whole length of the frame. The frame in ‘TOSTEM – GRANTS’ can also be flushed, to produce an attractivevisage of glass. This system is very well suited for high rise buildings and offers a versatilerange of design options

Sustainable and Safe!

Aluminum is 100% recyclable and has higher resale value as compared to other window materials. It is also environment friendly, fire safe and does not release toxic fumes in event of fire. The life of aluminum windows is much longer.