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Hanging Door

TOSTEM INDIA introduces a magnificent collection of pragmatic aluminium hanging doors to beautify your homes and commercial properties. Available in in-wall and on-wall designs, TOSTEM hanging doors are purposefully designed, highly functional, and aesthetic. Unique features of our top-shelf aluminium hanging doors include a standard pull handle, handle & lock set, panel guide piece, smooth-operating durable rollers, and sill-less design.

Product Features

TOSTEM Aluminium Hanging Doors are designed to redefine your indoor living spaces and transform your homes into a haven of sheer comfort and aesthetic delight.

Durable and adjustable rollers for smooth operations
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Soft-close for extra safety
Pre-Engineered Aluminum Doors - Tostem India
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Sill-less design for safety and comfort
Aluminium Bi Fold Door
Concealed Guide slide

Human-Friendly Design

Designed for ergonomics and aesthetics

Effortless Movement

Easy to operate with a simple push of a thumb

Design Versatility

Both Sliding and Hanging options available

Key Features and Benefits of TOSTEM Hanging Doors
  • Versatile Designs: Our hanging door design collection features 3 main designs, namely On-Wall Hanging Doors (1 Panel & 1 Track, and 2 Panel & 1 Track combination), In-Wall Hanging Doors (1 Panel 1 Track combination ), and Hanging Doors (2 Panels & 2 Tracks combination).
  • Multiple Colour Options: Matching your doors with your walls and home aesthetics has never been easier. Our aluminium track hanging doors come in different colour finishes such as natural white, natural silver, ivory white, shine grey, autumn brown, and natural black.
  • Soft Close Rollers: The soft close rollers of our aluminium hanging doors are intuitively engineered to create the desired environment needed for a noise-free home. Door movement and operation without noise is made possible with our impeccable hanging door designs.
  • Ease of Operation: Our aluminium sliding hanging doors are so human-friendly and easy-to-operate that even young children won’t require assistance. These doors open and close with the simple push of a thumb, making it extremely easy to work with.
  • Pre-Engineered: 80% of the manufacturing of our aluminium fixed hanging doors is done in advance in our factory in Thailand to ensure machine-driven perfection & uniformity in quality and performance across all our aluminium hanging doors.
  • Usage-Optimized Design: Every part of our aluminium track hanging doors, including the sill, panels, frames, rollers, tracks, stiles, panel guide piece, etc., are conceptualised and designed according to the desired functionality and usage requirements.
  • Adjustable Rollers: TOSTEM hanging doors rollers can be adjusted downwards for upto 4mm, and can take the maximum load of 120 kg (per panel)
  • Concealed Guide Piece: Concealed guide within the structure that keeps the functional space clear and safe.
What makes TOSTEM INDIA the Best Hanging Door Manufacturer in India


Cutting-Edge Japanese Technology

As the leading Japanese brand for global housing and building materials, TOSTEM manufactures JIS-certified aluminium wall hanging doors that feature in-built resilience to thrive and perform in extreme weather conditions.


Quality Assurance & Testing

Our unwavering commitment and compliance with competitive ASTM (American standards for testing and materials) and JIS (Japanese industrial standards) quality standards mean all our hanging doors enjoy pristine quality.


Patented TEXGUARD Coating

The surface of our wall hanging doors is preserved using anodising and patented TEXGUARD coating to ensure up to 40 years of gloss retention, scratch resistance, low dust accumulation, and surface protection from heat, light, and water.


Hassle-Free Purchase & On-Time Delivery

As an unrivalled hanging door manufacturer in India, TOSTEM enjoys the ability to deliver, assemble, and install top-shelf aluminium hanging doors to your chosen location at the prescribed turnaround time with unflinching consistency.


Flexible Hanging Door Cost

TOSTEM’s hanging sliding doors cost are on par with industry standards and incredibly affordable for all our target customers. The cost of our aluminium hanging doors per sq ft is considerately priced for easy accessibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in my home should I install an aluminium hanging door?

If you’re struggling to find the perfect spot in your home for our remarkable aluminium U track hanging doors, here are some door placement ideas worth exploring:

  • Kitchens: Placing our exquisite kitchen hanging sliding doors or kitchen hanging cabinet doors in spacious kitchens with an extended dining area helps you artistically divide your kitchen spaces. Install our aluminium hanging sliding door for kitchens to transform the aesthetics of your kitchens and adjoining areas today.
  • Bathrooms: TOSTEM manufactures the perfect aluminium hanging sliding door for toilets and washrooms. Our wall hanging doors find a perfect home in your bathrooms. Interestingly, these doors act as the ideal division for segmenting the loo area from the bathing area.
  • Balconies: Manufacturing the best aluminium hanging doors for balcony spaces is what we do best at TOSTEM. Placing our premium aluminium hanging doors is worth exploring as our doors do a remarkable job at dividing balconies from indoor living spaces and extended outdoor areas.

What is the average cost of an aluminium hanging door?

The average cost of a aluminium metal wall hanging door can vary from place to place and company to company depending on various factors such as:

  • The company’s reputation: The more recognised the hanging door manufacturing company, the costlier their aluminium hanging sliding door prices will be. If the company is established and well-known in the housing market, the cost will be considerably higher. Despite our spot-on reputation as an uncontested hanging door manufacturer, TOSTEM hanging doors are priced reasonably to ensure affordability and accessibility for all homeowners.
  • Quality standards: The quality standards upheld in the manufacturing process can also decide the hanging sliding door prices. The more quality standards a manufacturing company upholds, its doors and housing products will be more expensive. TOSTEM follows three internationally recognised quality standards, such as the JIS, BS, and ASTM standards, and still manages to manufacture and sell quality hanging doors at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Cost of aluminium hanging doors per sq ft: If the per square ft cost of a hanging door is less, the overall cost of the door will be automatically less. If the per square ft cost is expensive, the door will automatically be costly. In other words, the aluminium hanging door size dimension you wish to purchase will considerably affect the overall cost. All TOSTEM products enjoy a considerately moderated and affordable per square ft cost, thus subsiding our product costs.
  • Customisations. Based on the unique customisations you may require, the hanging sliding door prices can vary. For example, a double-panel hanging door will cost more than a single-panel hanging door. Similarly, opting for more door accessories such as door closers, handles, locks, etc. can marginally increase the hanging sliding doors cost.