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Planning a System Window

A good window should be able to protect us from the ill effects of the environment when closed. It should be able to resist the ill effects of the environment on itself, like breaking/falling off, permanent deformation under extreme conditions, fading of colour due to UV rays and corrosion of metal parts. It should shut properly when closed and operate easily when opened.

A good window can only be made when certain parameters are followed. These parameters can be defined using the below picture (product test report)

Also, when we test a good window under various weather conditions, it remains shut and resists all the ill-effects of extreme weather such as bending due to extreme force of the wind, water and air ingress and breakages, for which it is designed.

System Windows

A system window is a technology of window manufacturing which follows a designated procedure for window design and fabrication, such that the desired quality and window performance is achieved.

Steps involved in System Windows include correct design selection, use of stipulated QC tested profiles, fitment of correct hardware and accessories, using correct

A system window if correctly manufactured and fitted, it will deliver the same performance as was achieve in a test lab. In other words, performance at site equals the performance in lab or as mentioned in the product brochure.

TOSTEM – Genuine System Window

A Genuine system window is a window where the test performance and actual performance of the window is the same and there is no dilution is quality and processes at any stage.

At TOSTEM, we have designed the windows to sustain real-life conditions like rain & dust storms. We follow strict testing protocols recommended by Government Accredited Tested Labs in Japan and Thailand. Not only the extreme weather conditions, but the windows are also designed to be used by generations as they are tested to last up to 200000 cycles of operation.

We have evolved our manufacturing technology and converted the process into mass manufacturing to the scale of 50000 Sets per day under different SKUs.

Choosing a Genuine System Window

Selecting the right windows for your home can be exciting but exhausting at the same time, given the options available in the styles, materials, and features. Also, since this being a long term investment which can affect the users’ lifestyle, doing some homework before making a decision can save on lot of worries later on.

Below are the steps which should be followed while planning a window and choose the best one to suite the requirements:

  • Window types basis functionality
  • System Aluminum Windows
  • Finalizing the windows, as per functionality
  • Choosing the right glaze (glass)
  • Pre Engineered Window – Ordering and Installation

We have re-imagined the way how a window is packed and shipped to the site and introduced the concept of Pre-Engineered windows where the windows are shipped in small boxes to the site.

With our deep understanding of site conditions, we have changed the whole window manufacturing process in such a way that site work is minimal. We ensure that the performance of the customer’s window is the same as that of a lab window.