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Sliding Doors

TOSTEM introduces an exquisite collection of highly aesthetic and design-perfect Aluminium Sliding Doors for contemporary homeowners. The use of Japanese innovation and patented TEXGUARD coating in our aluminium sliding doors make our doors the gold standard of quality and durability. Available in two, three, four, and six-panel designs, our sliding doors can be easily fitted in small and large door spaces - making these doors an ideal housing solution for all properties.

Product Features

Redefining quality benchmarks in the industry, TOSTEM Aluminum Sliding Doors are engineered using cutting-edge Japanese Technology for optimal quality and performance.

Patented TEXGUARD Coating for long-lasting lustre
Anodised TEXGUARD Coating - Aluminium Doors Price
Wide Glass Panels & Narrow Sightlines for expansive views
Wide Glass Panels & Narrow Sightlines For Expansive Views - Aluminium Sliding Doors
Crescent Lock For Excellent Safety & Security - Aluminium Doors
Crescent Lock for excellent safety & security
Rubber Gaskets For Better Sealing Against Dust, Noise, And Water - Aluminium Door Price
Rubber Gaskets for better sealing against dust, noise, and water

Japanese Technology

The use of Japanese technology ensures industry-tested door performance across all weather conditions.

Window In A Box

Transportation, handling, and storage efficiency is a guarantee with our unique window-in-a-box delivery.

Pre Engineered Doors

Be it one door or 100; our machine-driven manufacturing ensures quality assurance across all our products.

Features and Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors
  • Usage-Optimised Design: The hardware and metal profiles of our doors, including lock and keys, aluminium sliding door track, frames, panels, door handles, sashes, etc., are perfectly engineered for optimal performance and usage.
  • Pre-Engineered: Our aluminium sliding doors are manufactured in the world’s largest aluminium door and window manufacturing unit based out of Thailand. There is no deviation in product quality and performance due to the machine-driven manufacturing we deploy.
  • Rust-Free: Our aluminium sliding doors are resistant to corrosion, making our doors highly rust-free and upkeep-efficient. Anti-rusting means minimal wear & tear, which translates to minimum expenditure on upkeep and maintenance for you.
  • Industry-Tested Performance: Our aluminium sliding doors undergo rigorous quality checks in factories. The result: industry qualified protection from wind, air, water, noise, and sound disturbance, resulting in better performance, durability, and operation.
  • Easy Assembly & Installation: Our aluminium sliding doors are easy to move, store, assemble and install. Self-paced assembly and installation becomes a possibility with TOSTEM INDIA thanks to the compact packaging of our doors that come dis-assembled in a box.
  • Cleaning Efficiency: Our sliding doors are surface protected with the highly potent TEXGUARD coating that comes with dust-resistant properties. A quick wipe with a cloth every two weeks is more than enough to keep our aluminium sliding doors sparkling clean.
  • Performance Uniformity: The uniformity in performance that is characteristic of our aluminium sliding doors is worthy of admiration. Be it a factory, an office, or your home; our doors will function with uniform perfection across all settings.
  • Strong & Recycle-Friendly: If you're looking for durable and easy-to-recycle doors, get your hands on our aluminium sliding doors. Our doors can be recycled multiple times, thus offering an eco-friendly housing solution for the environmentally-conscious homeowner.
What makes TOSTEM INDIA the go-to Brand for Aluminium Sliding Doors in India


Quality Assurance & Testing:

We uphold competitive ASTM (American standards for testing and materials) and JIS (Japanese industrial standards) quality assurance standards to ensure that industry-tested quality is maintained across all our aluminium sliding doors.


Cutting-Edge Japanese Technology:

TOSTEM is the leading Japanese brand for global housing and building materials. Introduce the perfection of high-end manufacturing innovation into your homes and office spaces by installing our aluminium sliding doors today.


Surface & Colour Protection:

We use anodisation and the patented TEXGUARD system in our aluminium sliding doors for surface coating and colour protection. The result: long-lasting lustre, gloss retention, and surface protection from heat, sunlight, and water.


On-Time Delivery:

Offering the best-in-range aluminium sliding doors prices and home delivering these doors to you at the agreed turn around time is what we do best at TOSTEM. Buying our products means hassle-free purchase and on-time delivery.


Flexible Price:

The cost of aluminium sliding doors at TOSTEM is reasonably priced to suit both low-rise to high-rise customers. The pricing of our doors is consciously finalised to make us an accessible brand and go-to luxury door provider for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an aluminium sliding door cost?

Aluminium sliding doors prices can vary from company to company based on various factors:

  • The company’s reputation: The more recognised the door manufacturing company, the costlier their aluminium sliding doors will be.
  • Quality Standards: The quality standards upheld in the manufacturing process.
  • Customisations: Based on your unique door customisation requests, the cost of aluminium sliding doorscan vary. The aluminium sliding doors sizes can also dictate the pricing of the product to some extent.
  • Manufacturing Process: TOSTEM Doors are manufactured in the world’s largest aluminium door and window manufacturing unit based out of Thailand. As the doors are designed, manufactured, and installed by a highly professional and skilled team, there is no deviation in product delivery and performance as was promised at the time of purchase.

Get in touch with us at to get a quote on our premium aluminium door designs. We would like to hear from you.

How do you lubricate Aluminium sliding doors?

Follow the simple steps here to lubricate your aluminium sliding door:

  • Clean the upper and lower tracks before applying any type of lubrication.
  • Vacuum the aluminium sliding door tracksto remove unwanted particles like hair, dust, insects, etc.
  • Spray some lubricant on a cloth and wipe the tracks after vacuuming.