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Pre Engineered System Windows

Tostem Pre-engineered System Windows

We have re-imagined the way a window is manufactured, packed and shipped to the site and introduced the concept of Pre-Engineered System Windows, where the windows are shipped in small boxes to the site.

Design Performance & Actual Performance is the same!

Since the entire window is manufactured at the factory, there is no deviation from design performance.

Control Till End Stage, Site Work Becomes Low Skill!

Work at the site usually poses more problems, due to worker skill levels and difficulty in exercising process control. The better solution followed by TOSTEM is to:

  • Reduce work content on site.
  • Simplify work so that it can be done by semi-skilled or low skill workers (TOSTEM assembly requires only one primary tool – screwdriver).
  • Use of visual instructions so that training requirements is reduced.

No Fabricator Dependence!

TOSTEM is a window manufacturer and not a fabricator or system supplier. The entire accountability for timely supplies and the quality of the product is with TOSTEM.

TOSTEM works with trained installers who undertake glazing, assembly, and installation of windows. TOSTEM will always ensure that the project is completed within the time period promised.