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Anodised Aluminium Window

TOSTEM Patented Anodised Aluminium Windows feature unmatched surface protection and long-lasting lustre.Our aluminium windows are surface-protected with anodised coating for unmatched colour protection, long-lasting lustre, and gloss retention. The additional TEXGUARD coating adds an extra layer of surface protection and provides resistance from dust, heat, light, and water.

Product Features

Defining new quality benchmarks in the housing industry, TOSTEM patented anodised aluminum windows are engineered using competitive Japanese innovation.

Anti-Rust Durability
Colour & Gloss Retention
High Scratch Resistance
No Dust Accumulation

Globally Certified

We uphold competitive ASTM, TIS, and ISO Standards

Colour Retention

Color gloss stays for at least 40 years

Low maintenance

Rust free, Scratch Free, No Dust Accumulation

TOSTEM Aluminium Doors Series
Features and Benefits of our Anodised Aluminium Windows
  • Less Fading Possibility: The use of anodised finishing used in our aluminium windows ensures that the chances of colour fading stays minimal during the lifetime of our anodised windows, resulting in long-lasting colour and gloss retention..
  • Minimal Risk of Adhesion Failure: The electrolytic process of anodising transforms the window surface into a resilient oxide layer. The result: surface protection from adhesion failure such as peeling, cracking, blistering, chipping, and splitting.
  • Weather Resistance: Whether you place our windows in extremely sunny or humid climates, wind-prone areas, or coastal & marine locations, pristine quality is guaranteed with TOSTEM. Our anodised windows showcase remarkable durability even in the harshest weather conditions.
  • Protection From Chalking: The use of anodised coating protects our aluminium windows from chalking. What this means: our aluminium windows feature long-lasting lustre, gloss & colour retention, and offer unmatched surface protection from quick deterioration.
  • Uniform Surface Finish: Anodising is an immersion process - not an applied finish. Anodising can happen both prior to and after the transformation of the metal, which means uniform and regular finish on most metal shapes and textured surfaces is possible with anodising.
  • Authentic Metallic Sheen, Lustre, and Feel: The natural metallic appearance and feel of our aluminium windows remain fully preserved due to anodised coating. The transparent anodic layer is closely integrated with the metal surface, thus reinforcing the metallic lustre and sheen.
  • Optimal Coverage: What makes anodized aluminium windows stand out is the optimal coverage of all window parts, including the inner non-visible surfaces. The anodising does an excellent job of achieving uniform surface coverage, reaching even the most extruded sections.
  • Highly Impermeable: Thanks to the impeccably sealed anodic layer, our aluminium windows embody a high impermeable quality. The anodic layer offers immunity from damaging physical changes and consequential embrittlement that may arise due to temperature fluctuations.
  • Benefits Of Patented ‘TEXGUARD’ Technology in TOSTEM Anodised Aluminium Windows
    • Light, Heat, and Water Protection: TEXGUARD is an additional clear synthetic resin paint that is deposited over the anodised surface. As a result, the surface paint's molecular structure is altered, which provides unmatched surface protection from heat, light, and water.
    • 40 Years Color Retention: The use of patented TEXGUARD technology in addition to the anodised coating gives our aluminium windows an added layer of protection. Offering immunity against harsh weather conditions, our windows come with upto 40 years of gloss retention.
    • Scratch Resistance: The dense coating of TEXGUARD plays an instrumental role in improving the aluminium surface's hardness. As a result, surface protection in terms of scratch resistance is a tried & tested guarantee with our exquisite aluminium anodised windows.
    • Dust-Repelling & Easy to Clean: Low dust accumulation on the surface becomes possible using sophisticated TEXGUARD coating. Our TEXGUARD-protected anodized aluminium windows are easy to clean, requiring as little as a quick wipe with a cloth every once in two weeks.
    Available TOSTEM Anodised Aluminium Window Colours
    • Natural White: Nothing beats the aesthetic appeal of our natural white anodized aluminum windows. The timeless colour of our natural white windows give your home a touch of unmatched elegance and pristine perfection that is impossible to ignore.
    • Ivory White: Our ivory white colour brings the true meaning of aesthetic refinement to life. Our ivory white anodised windows are perfect for contemporary homeowners who are aiming for a chique and new-age appearance for their properties.
    • Natural Silver: Adding the zeal of futuristic aesthetics into your home and office spaces is our natural silver anodized aluminum windows. Introducing an element of design eloquence and perfection, these windows are suited for all properties including commercial buildings.
    • Shine Grey: Winning the hearts of homeowners across nations is our highly distinguished and tasteful collection of shine grey anodised windows. Beautifully designed, our shine grey windows bring the essence of true sophistication into your home and office spaces.
    • Autumn Brown: Nothing beats the earthy undertones of our dignified autumn brown anodized aluminum windows. Modest elegance and humble sophistication are some of the unique hallmarks of these windows that stand timeless as ever.
    • Natural Black: Standing like a fortress of timeless sophistication is our natural black anodized aluminum windows. Suited for every home, office, and luxurious space - the natural black colour is a must-have for those homeowners looking for classic colours for their homes.
What makes TOSTEM the Go-To Manufacturer for Anodised Aluminium Windows


Cutting-Edge Japanese Technology:

TOSTEM is the leading Japanese brand for global housing and building materials. Engineered with sophisticated Japanese technology, our anodised aluminium windows feature exemplary technological finesse.


Quality Assurance & Testing:

We uphold competitive ASTM (American standards for testing and materials) and JIS (Japanese industrial standards) quality assurance standards to ensure industry-tested pristine quality across all our anodised windows.


On-Time Delivery:

Our pride of place lies in the engineering of exquisite anodised aluminium windows. Buying from us means signing up for a hassle-free purchase and on-time delivery - irrespective of how far located you may be.


Flexible Price:

Our anodised aluminium windows costs are reasonable and budget-friendly. We considerately price our products to make our windows highly accessible and become the ideal luxury window providers for all. Check our anodised aluminium windows costs to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How should I install anodised aluminium windows?

Here’s a list of the installation process for our anodised aluminium windows:

  • Our grey, brow, silver, white, and black anodized aluminum windows are pre-engineered and come home delivered in a box, making self-paced window installation a possibility with us.
  • The window parts are easy to install and assemble. Post-purchase, we will send over an engineer with the installation team to fit our anodised windows in your home.
  • Assembly and installation take approximately 3-4 hours.