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Slit Windows

TOSTEM introduces an exquisite collection of new-age Aluminium Slit Windows for the contemporary homeowner. Engineered using Japanese innovation technology, our slit windows are available in horizontal and vertical design orientations. Installing our JIS and ASTM-certified aluminium slit windows means accentuating the visual appeal of your homes and bringing your aesthetic vision to life.

Product Features

Redefining quality benchmarks in the housing industry, TOSTEM Aluminum Slit Windows are designed to transform your home into modern spaces of elegance and irresistible luxury.

Patented TEXGUARD Coating for long-lasting lustre
Anodised TEXGUARD Coating - Aluminium Doors Price
Wide Glass Panels & Narrow Sightlines for expansive views
Wide Glass Panels & Narrow Sightlines For Expansive Views - Aluminium Sliding Doors
Crescent Lock For Excellent Safety & Security - Aluminium Doors
Crescent Lock for excellent safety & security
Rubber Gaskets For Better Sealing Against Dust, Noise, And Water - Aluminium Door Price
Rubber Gaskets for better sealing against dust, noise, and water

Japanese Technology

Manufactured using Japanese innovation, our windows can excel in extreme weather conditions and temperature variations.

Window In A Box

Our unique windows come home-delivered in a box, making transportation, handling, and storage efficiency a guarantee with us.

Pre Engineered Windows

Be it one window or 100: our machine-driven manufacturing ensures quality assurance across all our products.

Features and Benefits of Aluminium Slit Windows
  • Sunlight Penetration: Whether you choose an aluminium slit window with a vertical orientation or choose a horizontal slit window, wholesome sunlight penetration into your homes is a guarantee when you purchase our exquisite slit window designs.
  • Perfect Sealing: The glass panels of our aluminium slit windows cannot be opened or closed. Much like a picture window, the glass panels of our aluminium slit windows are permanently sealed, making these windows ideal for wind, dust, and water protection.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The concealed glass panels make our aluminium slit windows a chique visual treat to the eyes. Designed for contemporary properties, our slit windows are conceptualized to bring out the aesthetic appeal of your homes.
  • Usage-optimized design: The usage requirements and the aluminium slit window specifications play a critical role in the design architecture of our exquisite slit windows. As a result, the hardware and metal profiles are designed to ensure usage-optimized performance.
  • Easy Assembly & Installation: Our slit windows are easy to assemble and easier to install, taking approximately 4-5 hours in total. Transportation, handling, and storage becomes 10x easier with our ‘window in a box’ feature that further facilitates self-paced window installation.
  • Recycle-Friendly: What makes our aluminium vertical slit windows and horizontal slit windows genuinely remarkable is their recycling compatibility. Aluminium can be recycled multiple times, making our slit windows a sustainable housing solution.
  • Performance Uniformity: Our high quality aluminium slit windows look good and perform exceptionally well. Industry-tested for performance uniformity, our aluminium slit windows function consistently across all spaces, including labs, factories, and your homes.
What makes TOSTEM the ideal Aluminium Slit Window Manufacturers in India


Quality Assurance & Testing

We comply with globally-recognized ASTM (American standards for testing and materials) and JIS (Japanese industrial standards) quality assurance standards to ensure industry-tested quality across all our aluminium slit windows.


Cutting-Edge Japanese Technology

TOSTEM is a highly celebrated Japanese brand for global housing and building materials. Installing our slit windows means introducing the perfection of international manufacturing standards into your homes.


Surface & Colour Perfection

The anodized coating of our aluminium slit windows is further strengthened using the patented TEXGUARD coating. The result: long-lasting lustre, gloss retention, and surface protection from heat, sunlight, and water.


On-Time Delivery

Home delivering our products at the agreed turnaround time is an indispensable hallmark of our commitment to our clients. Hassle-free purchase and on-time delivery are guaranteed when you purchase our glass slit windows.


Flexible Price

Manufacturing aluminium slit windows priced at a budget that our clients can afford is a constant endeavour at TOSTEM INDIA. By consciously pricing our vertical slit windows for ventilation, we have become a leading luxury window manufacturer for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of aluminium slit windows?

When shopping for a window, the cost can vary based on several factors such as:

  • Manufacturing company’s reputation: The more recognized the window manufacturing company, the higher its costwill be. Despite our spot-on reputation in the housing industry, TOSTEM aluminium slit windows are priced reasonably so every homeowner can afford them.
  • Quality standards maintained: Based on the quality standards maintained in the manufacturing process, the cost of high quality aluminium slit windows can vary. Despite TOSTEM’s compliance with competitive ASTM, BIS, and JIS quality assurance standards, our products continue to remain within the arm’s reach of all our prospective buyers.
  • Aluminium Slit Window Specifications: Based on your unique customization requests, the aluminium slit windows prices can vary.

How do I choose a modern slit window design?

Consider the following factors when choosing a modern slit window:

  • Reliable window manufacturers: Purchase from a window manufacturer that complies with competitive quality standards.
  • Look for versatility and design options: Is your ideal aluminium slit window available in different colours, design orientations and glazing options.
  • Choose a product that is both cost-effective and quality-tested: While it is ideal that you look for slit windows that fall in your target price range, do not compromise on quality because a slit window is offered at a cheaper price with less-reliable manufacturers.
  • Product Durability: When choosing slit windows, it is critical to buy a durable product. Since the glass panels are fixed to the frame and cannot be closed or opened, you need to invest in a window that won’t easily break. So make sure you look for this feature while shopping for aluminium slit windows.