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Japanese Innovation


As the leading Japanese brand for global housing and building materials, TOSTEM stands apart as a one that deeply understands the needs of people coming from different countries and climates.

Japanese products like cars,- have won the confidence of customers in India for very high reliability, finish, and performance. With TOSTEM, customers will enjoy similar benefits and will appreciate owning a Japanese product. TOSTEM products are lean in design and lean in cost. This benefit comes from the excellence of design, high volume manufacturing, and cost control from ingot to fabricated window.

50 Years’ Performance History in different weather conditions!

Similar to Japan where the climate is both cold and cyclonic, India also faces extreme weather variations: from dry cold to hot humid, from minimal rains to severe cyclonic conditions, and therefore TOSTEM windows are designed to make windows safe against air and water ingress.

TOSTEM mass manufacturing!

TOSTEM is one of the first, large scale manufacturers of aluminum windows in the world. The TOSTEM method of manufacturing uses dedicated machines (punch & die set) for every operation, as used in mass manufacturing, which helps in driving better process control and higher production output rates. It is also easier to exercise quality control as there is a dedicated cell for each window design.

Aluminium Windows Manufacturing

High Precision Process - Aluminium Doors

High precision process!

The punch system of manufacturing followed by TOSTEM is very accurate. An anodizing finish is preferred as it has a uniform thickness of 20 microns. Powder coating is also used, but is more difficult in production, as thickness usually varies between 60-120 microns. Since manufacturing tolerances are so close – manufacturing accuracy and flatness are also very high, which makes for great ease during glazing and assembly.

Life cycle testing in accredited test lab!

The test lab in Japan is accredited by the Japanese Government. The factory in Thailand has the largest testing facility for wind pressure, air tightness, water tightness, material composition, sound isolation, thermal insulation, light & UV resistance, profile and anodizing life test against both JIS and ASTM Standards. Rollers are tested for 200,000 operations which is many times more than lifetime usage of the product.

Life Cycle Testing - Facades Door

Ease of operation!

Windows are intended to be opened and closed many times a day. A key aspect of the design is that effort should be minimal so that even a child can safely open the window. For instance, the effort required to open or close a 2-tract / 4-panel WE Plus Door of 4200 mm width and 2400 mm height with single glass is under 50 N (5 Kgs). The effort is so less that it does not require any mechanical assistance or automation.

Ease of storage & transportation!

The sash and frame are packed in separate boxes. Gaskets are supplied in roll form. The entire bundle is very compact which reduces transportation cost and transit damages. Space required for storage at the site is much less which reduces the chances of theft. Lead and lift requirements are much simplified.

Sustainable materials & fire safety

Aluminum is 100% recyclable and has a higher resale value as compared to other window materials. It is also environment friendly, fire-safe, and does not release toxic fumes in event of a fire. The life of aluminum windows is much longer.