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Sound Insulated Doors and Windows

Become the proud owner of a soundproof and noise-free home with TOSTEM Aluminium Doors and windows. Featuring JIS-certified soundproofing efficiency, TOSTEM aluminium doors act as the perfect barrier between your home and external noises. Designed to block all potential entryways for noise leakage, our aluminium doors transform your home into a noise-free zone of sheer comfort and delight. Transform your homes and commercial spaces into the noise-free haven it has the potential to be. Get your hands on our aluminium soundproof door and window designs for home and office settings.

Product Features

TOSTEM aluminium doors and windows are JIS-tested for soundproofing and noise insulation.

25db Noise Insulation with single glass
Impeccable Sealing with EPDM & Nano Gaskets
5 mm silicon sealant at all corners
Glass thickness upto 31.4 mm

Pre Engineered System Doors

Perform exactly as designed

Japanese Technology

50 years of performance history

Tested as per Global Standards

Designed and tested as per JIS standards for higher sound insulation performance

Available Series
What Makes TOSTEM Aluminium Doors & Windows Soundproof
  • EPDM Gaskets at Interlocks: What gives our aluminium doors and windows that much-desired soundproofing efficiency is the use of EPDM gaskets between two sashes and outer frames. Conventionally used in car doors, EPDM gaskets feature impeccable airtightness. Its usage in our aluminium doors and windows makes sound insulation a guarantee with our products.
  • Impeccable Overlap Sealing: The spaces where different door and window parts may overlap are potential entry points for noise and sound disturbances. To ensure that external forces do not hinder your home’s inner sanctum and peace, we ensure proper sealing between the profiles and sashes from all sides of the doors and windows.
  • JIS-Tested Sound Insulation: The soundproofing of our doors and windows can be attested by competitive global standards. Our doors and windows are tested for sound performance in a JIS controlled environment. Having passed the JIS sound inspection test with flying colours, we can confidently say that our products demonstrate excellent soundproofing efficiency.
  • Silicone Sealants At Corners: Silicone sealant is a liquid metal that is often used in automobiles to block dust and repel sound. At TOSTEM, we use 5 mm thick silicone sealants at all corners to prevent sound leakage. The use of these sealants in our doors and windows ensure air-tightness and better sealing, thus providing an extra layer of protection from sound disturbances.
  • Nano Gaskets: Nano gaskets are micro-sized gaskets that are designed to ensure secure sealing and sound insulation. Parts of a door and window, especially the joints are difficult to seal. Tightness of screws will not prevent sound leakage completely. By using nano gaskets at profile interlock, TOSTEM secures even the tiniest of gaps against disturbing sound elements.
  • Thick Glass Panels: Redefining the concept of soundproofing, the glass panels of our aluminium doors and windows are designed for noise insulation. Our aluminium products feature a glass thickness of up to 31.5 mm and offer JIS-tested noise insulation of 25 DB, which is the sound equivalent of a whisper.
What makes TOSTEM the Go-To Manufacturer for Aluminium Soundproof Doors and Windows


Cutting-Edge Japanese Technology:

TOSTEM is the leading Japanese brand for global housing and building materials. Engineered with sophisticated Japanese technology, our soundproof doors and windows feature exemplary technological finesse.


Quality Assurance & Testing:

We uphold competitive ASTM (American standards for testing and materials) and JIS (Japanese industrial standards) quality assurance standards to ensure industry-tested quality and soundproofing across all our doors and windows.


On-Time Delivery:

Our pride of place lies in manufacturing the perfect soundproof door and window for the contemporary homeowner. To enjoy the goodness of a hassle-free purchase and on-time delivery - browse through our products and purchase them now!


Flexible Soundproof Door Price:

Pricing our products considerately is what we do best at TOSTEM INDIA. We offer the most reasonable and accessible soundproof door prices to ensure that our doors and windows are within the arm’s reach of all contemporary homeowners.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much do soundproof doors cost?

Aluminium soundproof doors prices can vary from company to company based on various factors such as:

  • The company's reputation: The more recognised the door manufacturing company, the costlier their aluminium soundproof door and window will be.
  • Quality Standards: The quality standards upheld in the manufacturing process is another critical factor. For example, all our soundproof door and window designs are tested according to competitive JIS, ASTM, and BI standards.
  • Customisations required: Based on your unique door customisation requests, an aluminium soundproof door's cost can go up significantly.
  • Manufacturing Process:TOSTEM soundproof doors are manufactured in the world’s largest aluminium door and window manufacturing unit based out of Thailand. As the doors are designed, manufactured, and installed by a highly professional and skilled team, there is no deviation in product delivery and performance as was promised at the time of purchase. Despite such impeccable quality assurance, the soundproof door prices are moderately priced for higher consumer accessibility.

Get in touch with us at to get a quote on our premium aluminium soundproof door designs. We offer the most affordable soundproof door price in India to ensure that every homeowner can enjoy the perfect noise-free home.

Are Aluminium doors good for soundproofing?

Whether an aluminium door is suitable for soundproofing depends on the design undertaken in the manufacturing process. At TOSTEM, our aluminium doors can be truly called a soundproof door because of the product's impeccable engineering.

In addition to providing impeccable sound-insulated doors, we also provide the best soundproof windows for homes. Here are some factors that make our aluminium doors soundproof:

  • We use EPDM gaskets at interlocks to block sound spillage.
  • We ensure perfect overlap sealing between door profiles and sashes from all sides.
  • Our doors have undergone the JIS sound performance test.
  • The use of 4. 5 mm silicone sealant at all corners ensures better sealing with no sound leakage.
  • To ensure added insulation against noise leakage, we use nano gaskets at door joints.
  • We use 31.5 mm thick glass panels to ensure maximum sound insulation.

TOSTEM enjoys pride of place as the premium manufacturer of soundproof door and window designs. Get your hands on our products to enjoy the quiet serenity that comes with our noise-repelling doors.