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Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance As Per Global Standards

Every country has its own set of standards to define the safety standard of the products to be used in housing projects. In India, ASTM (American Standards for Testing and Materials) and BS (British standards) are commonly used standards of testing by the home builders and engineers.

Quality Assurance - Aluminium Glass Door

JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) which are followed in Japan not new to India, since most Japanese automobile companies use JIS standards. JIS in windows systems is more relevant as the cyclonic weather of Japan is similar to that of India and JIS testing process very closely mimics the natural forces. TOSTEM has a product which is rated as per JIS standards as well as products which are rated as per ASTM Standards.

Though both the Standards are equally safe – ASTM testing gives us a more rigid and often over-engineered product, which may add bulk to the resultant window design. While JIS on the other hand, gives us a product that can sustain fatigue, is lean, and performance-friendly.

All TOSTEM windows are tested as per any of the above standards. We cross-check all our product offerings and theoretical calculations with the actual test results which are done at the TOSTEM product test centers in Japan/Thailand.

TOSTEM has a state-of-the-art testing facility for Doors and Windows in TOSTEM Thailand Facility. As a part of a transparent business policy, we encourage our customers to visit both the manufacturing facility as well as the testing facility. We feel that this visit is an important aspect of the product selection process for all big projects as the customer gets confident that the windows which will be delivered to the project are truly world-class.

Dedicated Teams for understanding project requirements

TOSTEM Window India has a dedicated team of engineers at the Manesar plant who calculate the Wind-Loads, weather extremities, or any special client’s requirements. All the quality checks and testing calculations are done considering NBC. The team considers factors like the location of the project, size, and shape of the building, the height at which the window will be installed, etc. for every project before we propose the window solutions. Additionally, we are supported by a team of engineers at TOSTEM Thailand who help us chose the best window solution for different projects.

Dedicated Teams for understanding project requirements

TOSTEM Testing Process

Window performance parameters like dead load (vertical load) capacity and wind-load capacity are measured using standard engineering procedures and formulas, as explained above.

However, certain performance parameters like water tightness, airtightness, and sound insulation haze to be measured by putting a full-size window in a test structure and applying relevant forces. This is because: these performances can be greatly improved if we use additional accessories like air sealing gaskets and drainage valve, etc. To assure the performance of TOSTEM products on these parameters, we follow a physical laboratory testing procedure inside our product test centers in Thailand and Japan.

TOSTEM product test center has a full-size window mounted on a fixed structure inside the laboratory which is capable to simulate various conditions required for the testing of the window.

Tostem India Testing Process

For wind loads, a pressure generator, mostly a large fan attached to a very powerful engine, is used to create positive as well as negative wind pressure. Additionally, to test the water tightness in the test center, a constant spray of water is showered on the window to simulate the rainfall, along with the wind. For an airtightness test, the sample is mounted on the test rig which is perfectly sealed. From the outside, constant pressure is generated and on the inside, the rig is connected to an anemometer which helps to calculate the volume of air leaked. In a similar test chamber, but modified to control echoes, a controlled sound is created on the outside, and a level of sound is measured on the inside and recorded. This gives the sound insulation level of the window.

For testing TOSTEM product’s life, tests like endurance testing and accelerated weathering test under various conditions are done on the product to calculate the expected life expectancy of the product.

Tostem India Testing Process