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Sliding door (2 panels on 2 tracks)

Aluminium Sliding window - 2 panels on 2 tracks

Sliding door (2 panels on 2 tracks)

Air Tightness
JIS: A-4
Noise Insulation
JIS: 25dB
Water Tightness
JIS: W-3 (250Pa)
Wind Pressure Resistance
JIS: S-2 (1200Pa)


Frame depth
101.6 mm
Height of sill
50 mm
Glass thickness
5 , 6 , 8 mm
Maximum Height of Door - Standard Type
3030 mm
Maximum Height of Door - Large Type
3030 mm
Glass Groove
11 mm
Setting of Sliding Insect Screen


Aluminium Entrance sliding door - Prevents rain water intrusion

Watertight sill with drainage devices prevents rain water

Aluminium Entrance sliding door - Vertical panel frame

Vertical panel frame that enables easy opening and closing

Aluminium Entrance sliding door - Easily adjustable outer-panel lock

Easily adjustable outer-panel lock

Aluminium Entrance sliding door - High quality security lock

High quality security lock

Aluminium Entrance Sliding Door - High security sub-lock

High security sub-lock

Aluminium Entrance sliding door - Sliding external insect screen

Sliding external insect screen