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How to clean the windows & doors

How to clean the windows & doors to be beautiful, clear and forever looking new

Bi Fold Sliding Doors

Cleaning is an important aspect that keeps the door frame of the home’s windows still beautiful and durable throughout the lifetime. With a few steps listed here, cleaning is never going to be difficult again.

Why do we often hear that choosing the right window is a difficult decision!

The product is Complex – Window has many moving parts. It must have high strength and long life, with excellent sealing against water, noise & dust. Manufacturing and Installation is an even more complex process – The window size has to be measured before production & each window becomes an independent project. The complexity grows multi-fold as building height increases – Biggest challenges are wind load and protection from horizontal rain.

Here is a comparison of Different Window Materials and their suitability for modern buildings.




Daily Cleaning
Wipe With a soft cloth.
Blow Air or use Brush paint with soft bristles.
Do Not Scrub the surface with a rough cloth/material.
Do Not Scratch.
Weekly Cleaning Wipe the glass, use washing detergent. Do Not scrub
Yearly Cleaning Use Alcohol for stains that remain tight. Don’t apply Local Stain removers

And here’s the TOSTEM window frame cleaning trick that keeps this house beautiful for as long as it takes.

Daily Cleaning


Weekly Cleaning


Yearly Cleaning


Arpan Wasan - Window Consultant

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11 August 2020 Aluminium Doors, Aluminium Windows

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