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TOSTEM INDIA is a 100% subsidiary of LIXIL GROUP, formed in 2018 to bring LIXIL’s international expertise in making windows and doors to the Indian market,- and to provide a wide variety of choice and best-in-class quality products with the right technology, finesse, and comfort.

TOSTEM INDIA product range is entirely factory-made, with assembly and installation is done at the site. This helps in maintaining global standards,- ensures timely deliveries,- and providing an assured service to the customer.

TOSTEM INDIA has brought groundbreaking Japanese expertise into the Indian market, to transform end-to-end windows (and door) solutions, making them easy, enjoyable and of true value for the consumer. To ensure its consistency with global standards and reliability of quality far ahead of the existing industry standards, the company manufactures the finished window in-house, and does not follow the fabricator route.

The products are technically very advanced and carry full test certification which is an edge over the competition.


The company imports products from one of the largest production facilities in the world – TOSTEM Thai Co. Ltd. (TTC) facility in Thailand, which is an integrated facility dedicated to the manufacturing aluminum windows. Starting from the designing of new products, to the casting of alloy, extrusion, surface treatment, coating & fabrication – all is carried out in-house at TTC. Once the window production is completed at the TTC facility, these pre-engineered windows are transported to India, directly to the site. This ensures last-mile quality since these pre-engineered windows are supplied in a box, making assembly and installation at site quick and easy for large residential projects.

TOSTEM INDIA also has a local manufacturing unit in Manesar, India to cater the customised needs of its retail customers from India, which ensures consistency and reliability in terms of quality as per global standards, while maintaining short delivery timeframes for the retail business.

Tostem India Production Facility
Tostem India Production Facility

TOSTEM INDIA has developed a nation-wide network of Channel Partners who are the primary sales and service arm of the Company. Brand building, Business development, Training and Supply chain support are provided by TOSTEM INDIA.