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LIXIL CORE and Behaviors

LIXIL was founded over 100 years back, when its predecessors combined Japanese craftsmanship of design and color, with the properties of clay to produce one of Japan’s first ceramic tiles for homes. Keeping the same spirit over the years, LIXIL has created products that have redefined the spaces we call home.

Architects and designers have played a key role throughout LIXIL’s rich history, integrating functionality with refined aesthetics. This has been the foundation of what we call our Living Culture – a way in which we ensure that our products are always relevant to people, our lifestyles, and the times in which we live.

Living Culture embodies LIXIL’s passion to be the Link to Good Living. The spirit of Living Culture will continue to be at the core of every product we make and the service we provide, around the world, and for generations to come.

Lixil Group - Living Culture

LIXIL Core Philosophy

The Group’s superior products and services contribute to improving people’s comfort and lifestyles.

LIXIL Behaviors

The three LIXIL Behaviors provide a unified way of working for all LIXIL employees, helping to make LIXIL a purpose-driven entrepreneurial company for sustainable growth.

Do the right thing
Work with respect
Experiment and Learn

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