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Partition Door

TOSTEM INDIA brings you a vibrant collection of exquisite partition doors to beautify your home interiors. It offers a luxurious and durable choice to the homeowners to divide their interior living spaces. Perfectly engineered with impeccable finishing, our top-shelf partition doors stand uncontested as the #1 choice for dividing interior living spaces. The use of slim design aluminium profiles in our JIS-certified partition doors gives a modern accent to your space and revolutionises your indoor home aesthetics. Get your hands on our top-shelf door partition for living rooms and other spaces in your home and commercial properties today.

Product Features

TOSTEM partition doors are designed to redefine your indoor living spaces and transform your homes into cozy spaces of aesthetic delight and comfort.

Durable rollers for smooth operations
Wide Glass Panels & Narrow Sightlines For Expansive Views - Aluminium Sliding Doors
Minimalistic design with slim aluminium profiles
Water Tightness Is Upto 500 PA - Aluminium Glass Door
Available with upto 6 panels
Aluminium Bi Fold Door
Multiple handle designs

Human-Friendly Design

Designed for ergonomics and aesthetics

Effortless Movement

Easy to operate with a simple push of a thumb

Design Versatility

Both Sliding and Hanging options available

Key Features and Benefits of TOSTEM Partition Doors
  • Design Versatility: Available in versatile panel-and-track combination designs with slim design aluminium profiles that give a modern accent to your space. Some prominent designs include two panels on two tracks, four panels on two tracks, three panels on three tracks, and six panels on three tracks.
  • Ease of operation: Doors that take too much effort to operate becomes a thing of the past when you install our impeccable aluminium partition doors. Our human-friendly and easy-to-operate partition doors can be opened and closed with the simple push of a thumb.
  • Usage-Optimized Design: Our partition doors are designed as per their functionality and usage requirements. Every part of our living hall partition doors, including the sill, panels, frames, rollers, tracks, etc. are consciously engineered to ensure usage-optimised performance.
  • Pre-Engineered: Our partition door for living rooms is manufactured in advance in our factory in Thailand according to the best global standards. The machine-driven manufacturing ensures that premium quality is guaranteed across all partition doors in your chosen size dimensions.
  • Door Accessories: By making various door accessories available, we meet and exceed all our customer requirements. Of the many door accessories we provide with our sliding partition doors, standouts include door handles, lock & keys, closers, door guards, etc.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Our aluminium partition doors are an embodiment of visual perfection and aesthetic delight. Designed to beautify your homes, our sliding partition doors are purposefully designed to facilitate unmatched functionality and design elegance.
What makes TOSTEM INDIA the Best Partition Door Manufacturer in India


Cutting-Edge Japanese Technology

TOSTEM is the leading Japanese brand for global housing and building materials. Our aluminium partition sliding doors are a work of art and the product of sophisticated Japanese technology and exquisite craftsmanship.


Quality Assurance & Testing

Our compliance with competitive ASTM (American standards for testing and materials) and JIS (Japanese industrial standards) quality assurance standards helps us ensure industry-tested quality and optimal performance across all our partition doors.


Use of patented TEXGUARD Coating

The partition door surface is preserved using anodising and patented TEXGUARD coating. The result: long-lasting lustre, gloss retention of upto 40 years, scratch resistance, low dust accumulation, and surface protection from heat, light, and water.


Hassle-Free Purchase & On-Time Delivery

Delivering, assembling, and installing top-shelf partition doors is what we do best at TOSTEM. We are the leading partition door supplier in India with a track record of delivering quality products at the prescribed turnaround time.


Flexible Partition Door Price

Our aluminium partition door prices are consciously decided to ensure greater accessibility for all our customers. Available in both high-rise and low-rise price points, you can find a unique partition door with us in your target price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in my home should I install a partition door?

Aluminum partition doors exceed wooden and pvc partition doors in terms of product durability and performance. Here are some strategic places in your home where you can effortlessly install TOSTEM INDIA’s top-shelf partition doors:

  • Kitchens: Many contemporary kitchens today come with an extended dining area that connects it to the kitchen. By dividing both spaces, our partition doors make for an excellent kitchen partition door separating two areas with unmatched elegance.
  • Bathrooms: If you have a large bathroom area and need a partition door to separate the loo from the bathing area, get your hands on our remarkable aluminium partition sliding door for toilets and washroom spaces.
  • Balconies: Manufacturing the best sliding partition doors in India is what we do best at TOSTEM. Dividing your balconies from the extended outdoor areas and indoor living spaces becomes impeccable with our aluminium partition doors for balcony spaces.

What is the average cost of an aluminium partition door?

The average cost of partition doors can vary depending on various factors such as:

  • The reputation of the company: The more recognised the partition door design manufacturing company, the costlier their aluminium partition sheet price will be. If the company is established and well-known in the housing market, the cost will be considerably higher. Despite our spot-on reputation as an undisputed player in the door manufacturing industry, TOSTEM partition doors are priced reasonably to ensure that every homeowner can afford it.
  • Quality standards: The quality standards upheld in the manufacturing process can also decide the price of the aluminum partition doors sold by a company. Despite our compliance with competitive JIS and ASTM standards, TOSTEM partition doors are priced reasonably.
  • Customisations. Based on your unique customisation requirements, the partition sliding door prices can vary. For example, a six-panel partition door designs will cost more. Similarly, opting for more door accessories such as door closers, handles, locks, etc. will moderately increase the partition sliding doors cost.

Get in touch with us at to get a quote on our premium wall partition doors. As the top manufacturers of the best sliding partition doors in India, we can boast of unmatched product quality. Give us an email and we will get in touch with you at the earliest possible time.