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Aluminium Windows Guide: Definition, Features, and Types of Aluminium Windowss

Aluminium Windows Guide: Definition, Features, and Types of Aluminium Windows

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With so many irresistible windows flooding the market, homeowners are spoilt with choices. No matter where you look or where you go, there’s no putting a stop to innovation. The market is getting more and more competitive, which is a delight for customers. Of them all, the aluminium windows stand out.

In this blog post, we will draw your attention to aluminium windows, tell you what they are, discuss its features, and go on to discuss the many different types of aluminium windows you can choose.

Let’s begin.

What is an Aluminium Window?

Windows featuring a frame or sash made of aluminium is called an aluminium window. Like any other conventional wood-made window, aluminium windows feature a typical glass pane. What makes an aluminium window a window worth your investment is its durability. They can survive for months and years without rusting because of its fantastic composition.

Now that we have discussed what they are, we will now discuss the features of aluminium windows.

Types of Aluminium Windows:

If you’re looking for an aluminium window for your home, there are many options available. Different companies are continually innovating and bringing out impeccable window designs.

In this point, we will discuss five main types of aluminium window systems:

  • Aluminium Bi-fold Windows

  • Aluminium Stacking Windows

  • Aluminium Tilt-Turn Windows

  • Aluminium Sliding Windows

  • Aluminium Casement Windows

Read on to learn all about them.

Aluminium Bi-fold Windows

Aluminium bi-fold windows are among the most common types of windows you will find in people’s homes. It can swing in and out, open up to one side or both sides, and even go around a 90-degree corner based on the type of bi-fold window you buy.

What has us promoting aluminium bi-fold windows are their easy cleaning and maintenance options. Their conventional charm is both appealing and a sight to behold.

Aluminium Stacking Windows

Also known as folding windows, folding-sliding windows, or concertina windows, these windows occupy the whole wall from top to bottom, and offer an unobstructed full view of your surroundings. These windows are made of multiple panels (generally 3-10) that fold upon one another when opened.

They are a modern-day invention and an ideal option for people with large houses with plenty of space to move around. If you want to bask in the delight of refinement and turn your modest home into a haven of pure sophistication and modern elegance, aluminium stacking windows are the windows for you.

Aluminium Tilt-Turn Windows

An aluminium tilt-turn window generally opens at an angle from its top portion or swings wide open just like a door. Since these windows enable both horizontal and vertical movement, they are ideal for homes with small spaces and tiny balconies as it offers breezy ventilation.

If you want to complement your rooms with stylish windows, you would love to have aluminium tilt-turn windows in your home.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

The aluminium sliding windows generally open horizontally when you slide them from one side to another. These minimal design windows are perfect for any home setting and are ideal for those of you who don’t have a big balcony or backyard space to accommodate your window panes

As one of the most stylish windows, they offer aesthetic versatility and fresh designs into your home. Glazing these windows can improve your home’s insulation and energy efficiency and help you cut down on your electricity bills.

For those who are interested in it, there are different types of aluminium sliding windows that you can readily find in the home improvement market.

Aluminium Casement Windows

An aluminium casement window is a casement window with aluminium-made window frames and hinges. These types of windows are attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side. They open to the outside, making it an absolute delight for inviting the morning or evening breeze into your home.

More and more people today are beginning to embrace aluminium casement windows with open arms. They have started to see these windows as something that are not just convenient to clean and nice to look at, but a nice-to-have addition to their homes.

Benefits of Buying an Aluminium Window:

If you’re still unsure if you should get an aluminium window for your home, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of the advantages of investing in an aluminium window.

Read on to learn all about them.

  • These windows are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, along with durable hinges, handles, etc. Whatever design you may be interested in, there’s an aluminium window for you.

  • They feature a typical classic style that fits impeccably with any architectural layout. So whether you’re living in a wood house or a house made of brick & mortar, rest assured knowing that your aluminium windows will fit any home setup.

  • Aluminium windows are highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and immune to dust, drought, and water intrusion. This means a minimum spend on upkeep and repair.

  • Once installed, you don’t have to invest your money on repeatedly painting your aluminium windows because they preserve the paint coating for a long time.


In this blog, we have covered the A-Z of aluminium windows, the different types available, and the benefits of installing them in your home. The natural resilience and durability of aluminium windows make it a better alternative to conventional wooden doors and windows. The multiple stylish and unique options it comes in are excellent reasons to pick them for your home.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary look or a cosy home look, you will find the perfect aluminium window for you. Moreover, you will find many different types of aluminium window frames, hinges, and designs in the market, which means that you can choose any window type for your home.

Go get your hands on the perfect aluminium window already!

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