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French Doors vs Sliding Doors for Balcony: Which is a better option?

French Doors vs Sliding Doors for Balcony: Which Is A Better Option?

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Your balcony is one of the few spaces in your home where you can relax, unwind, and soak in the scenic goodness of the outside world while continuing to remain indoors. Since balcony doors are the chords that connect the balcony to your indoor living space, choosing the right door for your balcony matters.

This blog will discuss two of the most famous balcony doors for your home, namely the infamous french doors and sliding doors They are both wonders in their own right and are both fantastic options for your home. The door you choose boils down to one thing alone: your preference

Read on to learn more about french doors and sliding doors. We will briefly discuss them both before moving on to a detailed comparison between the two. Let’s begin.

French Doors: Definition & Features

Also known as swinging patio doors, a french door is one of the most celebrated door types in the world. Known for its eclectic sense of refinement, many people have acknowledged and appreciated french balcony doors for the beauty it is.

Here are some of the prominent features of french doors:

  • Just like a traditional swinging door, a french door swings open too. They have two door panels that either swing inward or outward depending on how the door is hinged to the frame. So if you’re getting a french door, you have two types of swinging options you can explore. For example, if your bedroom is smaller, you can choose a french door that swings outward so that you can enjoy more space in your bedroom.

  • French doors are primarily made up of glass. As such, it brings in an incredible amount of light into your rooms and your home. It is highly recommended for houses that don’t enjoy a lot of natural light, making it an ideal option for people who like well-lit houses.

Sliding Doors: Definition & Features

Earning both praises and appreciation from new-age homeowners and business houses, the sliding doors have carved a name for itself in the door industry. Enjoying unmatched elegance like no other, they make for an appealing door type for any home setting.

Here are some of the prominent features of a sliding door:

  • A sliding door opens horizontally by sliding parallel to the wall. They can be mounted on a track from below or suspended from a track above. Sometimes, you might even find sliding doors that disappear into a wall when they slide open.

  • There are three types of sliding doors: top hung, bottom rolling, and lift-and-slide.

  • The top hung sliding doors are those doors that are supported by two trolly hangers at the top, making the door easy to move.

  • The bottom rolling doors are supported by two rollers at the bottom of the door that runs on a track.

  • The lift-and-slide doors are those doors you need to lift from the frame to open and close them.

  • Because these doors slide sideways, they save a lot of space. So if you have a modest-sized apartment, the sliding doors might offer the perfect opportunity to make your home seem a little more spacious than it is.

French Doors v/s Sliding Doors: Which door is better for your balcony?

Whether you choose a sliding door or a french door, they both look equally promising. In terms of aesthetic beauty, we are equally in love with both. So it all depends on your taste and preference. But before you make a final call, here are some things you might want to consider:

  • Cost: French doors are generally more expensive than sliding doors, but the costs may vary based on the customization you want. So if you are equally enamoured with both and have budget restraints, we recommend you to go for the sliding doors as they are more cost-effective. However, if you are more inclined to french doors and have the pocket for it, get yourselves those pretty french doors!

  • Home Brightening Quality: If you like to come home to a well-lit apartment that is full of light and promise, then the french doors are the doors you should bank on. These doors are mostly made of glass, making them a fantastic choice for people who prefer the warmth of sun-lit apartments. Some might even go on to say that they look like a balcony door with windows!

  • Spaciousness: Sliding doors are more space-efficient than any other door types out there. So if you are looking for lucrative ways to save space and make your home look more spacious, go for sliding doors. But if space is not an issue and you have a large house, the french doors are the best option because they have unmatched aesthetic appeal like no other.

  • Customization Options: If you are looking for more customization options, w.r.t door knobs, door frames, style, and design – the french doors are perfect for you. They come in all shapes and sizes and have a multitude of customization options.

  • Compatibility with Balcony: If you want your balcony door to throw wide open and not take space, we recommend sliding doors. If you prefer a balcony door that lets you view your balcony space from indoors, we recommend the french doors.


In this blog, we have discussed both the french doors and sliding doors in detail. We have also made a brief comparison of both by examining various features. We believe that they are both equally attractive and have their own set of distinguished USPs that are hard to match. We hope that this blog has helped you make an informed decision.

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02 February 2021 Aluminium Doors

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