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Amazing Aluminium Door Designs To Transform Your Home

Amazing Aluminium Door Designs To Transform Your Home

Best Aluminium Doors Design


Are you looking for a home makeover?

Do you want stylish new door designs to complement your home?

Or are you a new property owner hoping to get your hands on the best door designs?

If the answer to any one of these questions is a strong ‘yes’, then you have landed in the right place.

In this blog, we will help you give your home the makeover it deserves by showcasing different types of aluminium door designs. Read on to learn which door design you should choose to remodel your home.

Traditional Hinged Aluminium Doors:

Nothing beats the conventional elegance of a traditional hinged aluminium door. It is one of the oldest and most popular aluminium door designs ever invented, and one of the most common types of door designs you would see at home and in public places.

These door designs are perfectly convenient options for everyday use, especially narrow corridors and small room entryways. We would also personally recommend it for bathrooms because of its straightforward design and opening option.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors:

With many exuberant options in the door design market, an aluminium bi-fold door stands out and distinguishes itself as an aesthetic worth having. Let the touch of modern bi-fold doors grace your home and transform it into a living space with unmatched charm like no other.

Their flexible opening option is worth every penny and makes for a great aesthetic to have in your home. While most people tend to have these installed in fancy cafes and bars, many people have started using bi-folding doors in their home.

If the design has captivated your interest, you might want to consider installing a wall full of aluminium bi-fold doors. You can stack up to eight of them together against a single door frame. And the best part? There’s room for lots of sunlight and air!

Corner Patio Doors:

Corner patio doors are next on our list of the top aluminium door designs you should buy for your home. We believe that patio doors have the potential to light up any home and transform it into a spectacular gem of sheer contemporary elegance.

Such doors are a work of art and a true gift of creativity. They are unique and can glam up any corner of your home. If you’re someone with an eye for beauty and a natural inclination for breathtaking interior design, put your money on patio doors. You can never go wrong with those!

Floor-To-Ceiling Glass Doors:

Have you ever walked into a fancy brunch place and felt yourself get pulled into an ocean of admiration because of the elegance of a highly appealing floor-to-ceiling glass door?

If you have, then we’re on the same boat. Nothing speaks refined elegance and posh beauty like a full-length floor-to-ceiling glass door, and if you have a large property with lots of empty spaces, we highly recommend this door design.

Firstly, it stands out as an architectural gem. Everyone would instantly fall in love with it. Secondly, it will brighten up your home because of the natural light that will seep through thanks to its design.

With these glass doors, you can make an impression on everyone who comes to visit and feel compelled to stay home because that’s how glorious and inviting your home will be!

Aluminium Sliding Doors:

Next on our list is an aluminium sliding door. We think it a perfect fit for a contemporary house that strives to create artistic perfection. It is one of our personal favourites because of its unique design.

Sliding doors are seen as an impeccable space-saving option. They offer an uninterrupted view of outdoor spaces such as a garden, lawn, or a backyard.

Not everyone is adventurous enough to experiment with sliding doors thinking that it would not suit their home decor or be too hard to maintain. But if you’re someone who thinks outside the box and is open to embracing delightful sliding doors in your home, then go for it!

Combine Different Door Designs:

The beauty of aluminium door designs is its versatility. It can go with any architectural setup. So another option that you can explore is going for different door designs. Do a mix and match of your favourite door designs to give your home that much-needed comfort and aesthetic.

You can choose the floor-to-ceiling glass door for your common area, and pick the hinged door for your main door entrance and bathrooms. Choose the sliding door for your backyard and garden areas and a traditional hinged door for corridors and narrow spaces in your home. There are endless possibilities and thanks to the different options available; you can mix and match, and attain the best of all worlds by choosing a combination of your favourite door designs for other spaces in your home!


In this blog, we have covered some of the best aluminium door designs that are available in the market today. Every door design is as beautiful as the other and comes with its list of unique USPs. They offer stylish and durable solutions and elevate your home into a haven of comfort and beauty.

Thanks to the creativity of designers, the market is flooding with inspiring door designs. Many more spectacular designs are in the making. Take a pick of your favourite and choose any of these designs to complement your home!

Arpan Wasan - Window Consultant

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02 February 2021 Aluminium Doors

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