TOSTEM aluminium doors are designed to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your homes and office spaces. The doors’ lean designs, built, functionality, aesthetics, durability, long-lasting lustre, recyclability, and low maintenance nature are a work of magnificence and an epitome of modern housing technology.

Designing the best Japanese pre-engineered aluminium doors for homes and offices is what we do best at TOSTEM INDIA. We are the #1 aluminium door manufacturers in India with an unmatched track record of developing lean product designs featuring unmatched aesthetics and weather performance in the harshest conditions.

Premium Aluminium Doors Series

Available Designs

TOSTEM aluminium windows offer a varied range of window designs:

  • Sliding Aluminium Door
  • Casement Door
  • Folding Door (Bi-Fold)
  • French Door
  • Lift and Slide Door
  • Ventilation Door
  • Corner Openable Door
  • Slide and Fold Door

Salient Features and Benefits

Here are some of the unique features and benefits of our aluminium doors:

  • Versatile Door Designs: Our aluminium sliding doors are ideal for spaces with no swing path, while our aluminium folding doors are perfect for optimal space usage. Other product designs include french doors, casement doors, swing doors, slide & fold doors, lift & slide doors, etc.
  • Customisation Benefits: Be it aluminium door frames, door handles, or versatile colour finish options, choose from our wide collection of configuration options to customise our doors exactly how you like them. Our aluminium doors are available in a wooden finish - giving our doors the aesthetics of nature-bound elegance while retaining their strength and durability.
  • Pre-Engineered Doors: TOSTEM manufactures pre-engineered doors in our aluminium door manufacturing factory in Thailand. The doors are fabricated in the factory, and our engineers visit the site for measurements and installation.
  • Safety & Security: We use rubber gaskets in our Japanese made quality doors to eliminate finger pinching incidents. Wind load resistance is guaranteed in our aluminium doors, giving our doors the strength to withstand the harshest weather conditions.
  • Extremely Durable: The use of anodised and patented TEXGUARD coating in our aluminium doors protects the door surfaces from corrosion, dust, and wind & water penetration.
  • Dust Resistant / Easy to Clean: TOSTEM aluminium doors maintain a glossy and lustrous surface for up to 40 years. The surfaces deflect dust accumulation, making door cleaning an effortless endeavour.

Available products

UPVC vs Tostem Aluminium Doors

  • UPVC windows popularly known as uPVC or Vinyl Windows, are made up of a plastic powder - uPVC which is weak and has to be added with the steel to enhance the strength. In comparison, Aluminium doors are made of pure metal and provide inherent strength to the window supplemented with the TEXGUARD coating.
  • UPVC doors design is bulky to accommodate steel enforcing and primarily are white. Aluminium doors maintain the aesthetic value and provide myriad colour options without compromising the strength.
  • Aluminium doors are installed with precision nano gaskets to provide sealing against wind, noise, and water, which are generally missing quality in most UPVC doors.
  • Aluminium doors are tested with salt spray, alkali, and UV test for ensuring the doors' durability in extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, UPVC doors are only ideal for cold environments.
  • UPVC doors are composed of plastics, which isn’t a green solution and may release toxic fumes in the event of a fire. Aluminium is 100 percent recyclable and does not release any toxic fumes.
  • Concealed and submerged frames are only possible in Aluminium Doors, but not in uPVC doors. These concealed frames help in creating an isometric look that enhances the design aesthetics, and sub-merged frames could be ideal for wheelchair users, older people or families with young children.