Why TOSTEM Aluminium Windows are a Pragmatic Solution to Modern Architecture?

Modern architecture demands design perfection and stellar functional benefits for construction and remodeling. Choosing the right window type can transform the overall aesthetics of a property. The design, built quality, durability, ease of operation, and other instrumental factors are crucial in selecting the suitable variant. Such features are impossible with UPVC windows, which are composed of plastic that lacks inherent strength. Steel is added to UPVC to enhance its strength, making the windows look bulky. Aluminium, on the other hand, is a naturally occurring sturdy metal, meaning it can provide the windows with a sleek look and maximum glass area

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UPVC vs TOSTEM Aluminium Windows

  • Heat Resistance: From the standpoint of thermal efficiency, TEXGUARD-coated aluminium windows do not absorb heat. As a result, aluminium windows are instrumental in keeping the temperature optimum indoors.
  • Noise, Water, and Air Sealing: We utilize EPDM rubber gaskets, which are primarily used in cars, as a result, providing sound insulation benefits. The gaskets also ensure an unprecedented level of sealing against water, dust, and air ingress.
  • Recyclability: : UPVC windows are primarily composed of plastic, whereas aluminium is recyclable and even has a higher resale value. Aluminium windows are a greener solution releasing no toxic chemicals or fumes during a fire and do not unnecessarily pollute the environment.
  • Modifications: Since UV light can significantly damage UPVC windows, the preferred colour is white. Dark-coloured windows exist, but they absorb heat. On the other hand, heat absorption is not a problem with aluminium windows, meaning you can choose any colour variant.
  • Cost-effective: In the long run, aluminium windows are more cost-effective than UPVC windows and even last longer. Aluminium windows do not chip away or break and require minimal maintenance. All you need to do is wipe the glass area with a towel.
  • Durability: The TEXGUARD coating prevents aluminium windows from corrosion and rusting. On the other hand, the UPVC windows are not reliable as they are made of plastic.
  • Concealed Sash: : Aluminium windows are robust and sturdy. As a result, the windows can sport narrow sightlines and concealed sash, where it is impossible to install a concealed sash in UPVC windows.
  • Sill-Less Design: TOSTEM aluminium windows offer sill-less submerged profiles, which is difficult to achieve in UPVC. The sill-less submerged profiles ensure that the bottom profiles are submerged under the ground level with a standard and floor finish sill. The sub-merged profiles are user friendly for children, the elderly, and the differently-abled.

Features of TOSTEM Aluminium Windows

  • Sleek Profile: The aluminium frame profile is sturdy, meaning the windows can sport a slim frame, narrow sightlines, and even concealed sashes. The isometric design of the windows provides a luxurious and minimalistic look.
  • No discolouration: Our aluminium windows undergo the patented TEXGUARD coating, providing a lustrous look and minimising chances of discolouration for up to 40 years. The coating ensures gloss retention in windows and sustains minimal fading.
  • Large Glass Area: As aluminium windows frames are sturdy and slim, TOSTEM ensures maximum glass coverage with multiple thickness options. The new-age glass technology is also pivotal in minimising noise in aluminium glass windows.
  • Weather Resistance: Aluminium windows are ideal for humid, cyclonic, sunny, and monsoon conditions. The windows provide resistance to heat, dust, and noise. Moreover, the drainage system installed in the windows prevents water ingress.
  • Colour: As there are no heat absorption problems, users have access to aluminium windows with various colour modifications. The windows can sport colours like natural silver, natural white, ivory white, natural black, autumn brown, and shine grey.
  • Myriad Design Options: Aluminium windows are primarily designed to uphold modern window designs. Homeowners have access to design options such as tilt and turn, casement, sliding, bi-fold, among others.

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