European Design and Japanese Manufacturing1

Combining the best of world-class European designs and cutting-edge Japanese technology, TOSTEM+AluK Aluminum Doors and Windows can be fittingly described as a masterpiece of modern aesthetic design and time-tested durability.

Think sturdy, on-trend, and design-perfect Aluminum Doors and Windows. Think TOSTEM+AluK Doors and Windows.

Offers Complete Windows Solutions

TOSTEM+AluK Aluminium System Windows and Doors are pre-engineered system windows, offering complete window solutions for premium homes.

  • Immaculate European-style window and door designs, along with assurance of Pre-Engineered Japanese manufacturing.
  • World-class technology and manufacturing process ensure better accuracy, consistent quality, and longer performance life.
  • Customised Window Solutions and complete solution from Requirement gathering, customised solutions with European design and product details, world class manufacturing in factory with Japanese technology, Quality controls, Last mile quality assurance as the windows are manufactured are transported to the site in a box, and installation done by company trained professionals
  • No involvement of local fabricator in the entire manufacturing and installation process.
  • Service Assurance by TOSTEM+AluK.
  • Product warranty offered by TOSTEM:
    • 10 years for the profile
    • 25 years for the colour
    • 1 year for the hardware

Features and Benefits of the Tostem + AluK Range

  • TOSTEM+AluK is an alliance between two globally renowned windows brands – ‘TOSTEM’ and ‘AluK’ – each with over 50 years of experience in the window manufacturing.
  • Folding neatly on either side, our unique slide and fold doors open wider compared to TOSTEM+AluK sliding doors.
  • We also offer immaculate casement doors and windows - including conventional designs like French Doors, Ventilation Windows, Louvres, Bay Windows
  • TOSTEM+AluK aluminium windows are as visually appealing as they are sturdy and durable.
  • TOSTEM+AluK Japanese-made quality windows are well-suited for homes in any weather, climate, or geographical location.
  • As a good conductor of heat, aluminium is an energy-efficient and sustainable option.
  • TOSTEM+AluK windows entail a flexible design with proportionate angles and curves.
  • The Akzo Nobel powder coating over the windows contributes to their heat stability and colour enhancement!

So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick from these exclusive home improvement products by the TOSTEM+AluK range: