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Swing door (Single)

In-Swing - Aluminium Door Design

Swing door (Single)


Frame Depth
For Hanging door: 48 mm (1 track), 89 (tracks) and 130 mm (3 tracks), For Sliding door: 72 mm and 104 mm (3 tracks sliding)
Maximum Height of Door
2400 mm
Height of Sill
Hanging door: No sil, Sliding door: 20 mm
Glass Thickness
Hanging door: 5, 6, 8 mm, Sliding door: 5, 6, 8 mm

Unique Features

Aluminium Partition door - Hanging wheels

(Thai) Durable rollers for smooth operation

Aluminium Partition door - Soft close accessories

(Thai) Soft close for extra safety (option)

Aluminium Partition door - No floor rails

(Thai) Sill-less design provides safety and comfort for all

Aluminium Partition door - Sliding protection device

(Thai) Panel guide piece to prevent panel from shaking when sliding