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Mix window

Aluminium Mix Window

Mix window

Air Tightness
Air Tightness
ASTM E283: 10.7㎥/h-㎡
Noise Pollution
Noise Insulation
JIS (A4706 & A4702): 25 dB
Water Tightness
Water Tightness
ASTM E300: 240 Pa
Wind Pressure
Wind Pressure Resistance
ASTM E330: 1600 Pa

* Sound performance test has been done in JIS standard Controlled environment. Performance will vary by room condition. Please consult with insulation specialist.


Frame Depth
104 mm
Mullions are available for various windows and doors. Please consult with our sales representative for selection.


Aluminium Sliding door

Sliding door meeting stiles are designed to withstand high wind load

Aluminium Sliding door - High quality security lock

High quality security lock

Aluminium Sliding door - Outer-panel lock

Easily adjustable outer-panel lock

Aluminium Sliding door - Multi-locking system

Multi-locking system

Aluminium Sliding door - Multi-lock handle

Multi-lock handle

Aluminium Sliding door - Limit arm (Window Restrictor)

Limit arm (Window Restrictor)