TOSTEM INDIA is a leading manufacturer of luxurious aluminium sliding doors, bringing stellar aesthetic values and design benefits to modern architecture. The sliding glass doors are designed with Japanese innovation and global standards to surpass the quality measures of contemporary housing industry products. The patented TEXGUARD coating and new-age glass technology help offer sliding glass doors with myriad configurations, including 2 and 3 track sliding doors.

Premium Aluminium Sliding Door Series

Aluminium Sliding Doors - Salient Features

  • Quality Standards: Our sliding doors undergo multiple performance tests to uphold global standards such as Japanese Standards (JIS), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and British Standards (BS). These tests ensure windows’ performance in any weather variation and environmental condition.
  • Maximum Glass Coverage: The sliding doors sport a slim frame with some series offering isometric design with narrow sightlines and concealed sashes. Such a sturdy and sophisticated frame enables the users to purchase sliding doors with maximum glass area and enjoy stellar views.
  • TEXGUARD Coating: Our patented TEXGUARD coating is a result of 21st-century innovation and modern home requirements. The coating provides resistance to dust, heat, and corrosion. More importantly, it can help retain the doors’ gloss and colour for up to 40 years.
  • Rubber/EPDM Gaskets: Instead of using generic wool piles, we utilise precision rubber or nano gaskets to provide complete sealing against wind, water, and dust. EPDM gaskets are also used in blocking noise and unpleasant sound.
  • Easy Installation: Our pre-engineered doors and windows are delivered in a box to the site, a feat unheard of in housing industry products. Such a solution streamlines door assembling and installation and does not require the engineer to spend hours on the site.

Usage of Sliding Doors

  • Balcony: Our balcony aluminium sliding doors allow you to merge the outside environment with the indoor spaces without compromising safety and serenity. The crescent locking mechanism and sturdy glass profile make the doors more secure. We also offer a submerged bottom sill option, making easy balcony access for kids or the elderly. Also, TOSTEM performance on air insulation ensures that dust or pollutants do not spoil your interiors.
  • Bathrooms: The functionalities of sliding doors and TEXGUARD plated frame are resistant to corrosion and damage from hot water splashes. Such a solution makes sliding doors an ideal choice for a bathroom. The customisations in terms of glazing also make sliding doors a viable option for bathrooms. Also, water tightness performance of TOSTEM Sliding doors make these ideal choices for such usage.
  • Bedroom:Aluminium sliding doors are installed with EPDM gaskets. Such a solution provides an unprecedented level of sound insulation and comfort, making sliding doors a perfect choice for bedrooms. TOSTEM aluminium sliding doors have better air insulation to ensure that dust, dirt, and pollutants should not spoil your interiors and curtains.
  • Kitchen: TOSTEM’s TEXGUARD coated sliding doors do not absorb heat. As a result, the door can provide stellar insulation benefits for critical areas like the kitchen.

Available products

UPVC vs Tostem Aluminium Sliding Doors

  • UPVC windows popularly known as uPVC or Vinyl Windows, are made up of a plastic powder - uPVC which is weak and has to be added with the steel to enhance the strength. In comparison, Tostem Aluminium doors are made of pure metal and provide inherent strength to the window supplemented with the TEXGUARD coating.
  • UPVC doors design is bulky to accommodate steel enforcing and primarily are white. Tostem Aluminium doors maintain the aesthetic value and provide myriad colour options without compromising the strength.
  • Aluminium doors are installed with precision nano gaskets to provide sealing against wind, noise, and water, which are generally missing quality in most UPVC doors.
  • Aluminium doors are tested with salt spray, alkali, and UV test for ensuring the doors' durability in extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, UPVC doors are only ideal for cold environments.
  • UPVC doors are composed of plastics, which isn’t a green solution and may release toxic fumes in the event of a fire. Aluminium is 100 percent recyclable and does not release any toxic fumes.
  • Concealed and submerged frames are only possible in Tostem Aluminium Doors, but not in uPVC doors. These concealed frames help in creating an isometric look that enhances the design aesthetics, and sub-merged frames could be ideal for wheelchair users, older people or families with young children.