TOSTEM introduces sophisticated, sturdy, and highly resilient aluminium windows for your home and office spaces. Our exquisite features make TOSTEM the one-stop housing solution for all your window requirements. Combining aesthetics with pragmatism, TOSTEM Aluminium Windows are the ideal choice for modern homes and offices. Using modern design as the bedrock of innovation, we manufacture Japanese pre-engineered windows that require exceptionally low maintenance.

Redefining new quality benchmarks in the industry, TOSTEM Aluminum Windows are engineered using Japanese Technology to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

  • Cutting-Edge Japanese Technology
  • Tested as per Global Standards
  • Anodised TEXGUARD Coating
  • Pre-Engineered Aluminum Windows
Premium Aluminium Windows Series

Available Designs

TOSTEM aluminium windows offer a varied range of window designs:

  • Sliding Aluminum Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • French Windows
  • Awning Window
  • Tilt and Turn Windows
  • Slit Windows
  • Vertical Sliding
  • Tilt and Slide Windows
  • Fixed Windows
  • Glass 2 Glass Corner Window

Salient Features and Benefits

Here are some of the unique features and benefits of our aluminium windows:

  • Designed According To Global Manufacturing Standards: As the best aluminium window manufacturers in the housing industry, TOSTEM products are designed as per competitive Japanese manufacturing standards, giving our windows remarkable industry-tested durability and performance to withstand cyclonic weather and tropical climates.
  • Perfect Sealing: The use of rubber gaskets in the corner joints protects you from finger pinching and provides unmatched sealing against dust, wind, and water.
  • Unmatched Surface Protection: The patented TEXGUARD coating in TOSTEM products means that our window surfaces are better protected than traditional powder-coated aluminium windows. This means better protection from rusting and corrosion.
  • Gloss Retention & Ease of Maintenance: Long-lasting lustre and gloss retention of up to 40 years is guaranteed with TOSTEM products. The surface is dust resistant, requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Easy To Operate: TOSTEM’s design standards and innovation focus on upholding customer experience. Our windows are tested for up to 2,00,000 operations, enabling users of all age groups to operate our aluminium glass windows with minimal effort.
  • Durable & Recycle-Friendly: Metal strength, durability, and recycling compatibility are other unique USPs of TOSTEM aluminium windows. Aluminium can be recycled multiple times, making our windows an eco-friendly housing solution.

Available products

UPVC vs Tostem Aluminium Windows

  • UPVC windows popularly known as uPVC or Vinyl Windows, are made up of a plastic powder - uPVC which is weak and has to be added with the steel to enhance the strength. In comparison, Aluminium windows are made of pure metal, meaning the windows’ strength is inherent and more sturdy.
  • UPVC window’ sections are also bulky to accommodate steel enforcing, whereas aluminium window are sleek, providing greater strength and durability. The sleek Aluminium window frames provide better aesthetic looks and wider glass openings.
  • The favoured and inherent colour for UPVC windows is white, while dark colours uPVC windows absorb heat and hence make them a poor choice for heat insulation. Aluminium windows come with TEXGuard Anodized coated available in various colours and are tested against heat, noise, and wind insulation.
  • UPVC windows’ sections are bulky to add steel for enhancing the strength, whereas aluminium windows are sleek and can provide large window sashes with multiple designs.
  • UPVC windows are primarily ideal for cold environments, and UV is their biggest enemy. The salt spray, alkali, and UV test make aluminium windows suitable for tropical, cyclonic, cold, and extreme weather conditions.
  • Concealed frames are only possible in Aluminium Windows, but not in uPVC windows. These concealed frames help in creating an isometric look that enhances the design aesthetics.