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A leader in Pre-Engineered Windows

We have re-imagined the way a window is manufactured, packed and shipped to the site and introduced the concept of Pre-Engineered windows, where the windows are shipped in small boxes to the site.

Last mile quality is the most difficult to achieve in the rush to complete a project. One simple solution is to manufacture the entire window at the factory and only assemble it at the site. The higher control over quality achieved at the factory, ensures the installation time is compressed and the last mile delivery is very easily achieved. It is a very successful Japanese innovation to suit the requirement of housing projects in India.

The traditional method of manufacturing uses very little mechanization and follows the batch production process. Fabrication & assembly is done partly at the factory and partly at the site. The entire process is slow and quality is very much dependent on worker skill. There are a lot of points where quality can be diluted and hence the actual performance is compromised.

TOSTEM follows a process similar to pre-engineered buildings, entire window fabrication is done at the factory and only the assembly is done at the site in a quick burst of speed. To explain further:

  • Entire window is manufactured at the factory, except assembly and glazing.
  • The Pre-Engineered window is packed in separate boxes for sash and frame and dispatched
  • Logistics and storekeeping becomes easy as all the boxes are well labelled.
  • Manufacturing accuracy is good and there is no mismatch during installation. And we always get a perfect rectangle.
  • All hardware comes pre-fitted from the factory; site work is minimal.

As 90% of work is done in the controlled environment of the factory, there is no chance of quality dilution. As a result, the test performance and actual performance is always the same.

Benefits of Tostem Pre-engineered System Windows

  • Design Performance & Actual Performance is the same!Since the entire window is manufactured at the factory, there is no deviation from design performance.
  • Control Till End Stage, Site Work Becomes Low Skill!Work at the site usually poses more problems, due to worker skill levels and difficulty in exercising process control. The better solution followed by TOSTEM is to:
    • Reduce work content on site.
    • Simplify work so that it can be done by semi-skilled or low skill workers (TOSTEM assembly requires only one primary tool -screwdriver).
    • Use of visual instructions so that training requirements is reduced.
  • No Fabricator Dependence! TOSTEM isa window manufacturer and not a fabricator or system supplier. The entire accountability for timely supplies and the quality of the product is with TOSTEM.TOSTEM works with trained installers who undertake glazing, assembly, and installation of windows. TOSTEM will always ensure that the project is completed within the time period promised.

TOSTEM Thailand – One of the largest Window factories in the world!

The facility at Bangkok, Thailand was setup in 1987 and is dedicated to supplying pre-engineered windows to Japan & other Asian countries. It has an extrusion capacity of 7,000 MT per month, employee strength of approx. 7,500 and a covered area of 591,332 sq. m.

The production capacity is approx. 50,000 Windows per day in different SKU’s. The larger share is anodized finish, which is highly preferred by customers. The hardware production is in-house and supply chain is very reliable.

TEXGUARD – A Surface color treatment with advanced Japanese technology

Tostem India - Textguard Protocol
Tostem India - Textguard Protocol

TEXGUARD delivers a non-gloss and clearer finish, combining anodic and organic coatings. They provide an effective surface treatment that applies synthetic resin paint which is then banked over an anodic oxide coating.

TOSTEM’s surface treatments are available in a wide range of color tones, from light to dark in the bronze color spectrum, and Natural White, Ivory White and Autumn Brown through the use of pigments. The final surface color retains its tone, resulting in a long lasting, pleasing appearance.

Durable beauty with our patented TEXGUARD system, the colors of TOSTEM products will last at least 40 years, with excellent scratch resistance for a new look that doesn’t fade. Additionally, natural dust and dirt accumulation-resistance keeps TOSTEM products looking clean with less effort.

Tostem India - Testing Center

Testing Protocol

Quality consistency is achieved by having an end to end control over the entire manufacturing process. The facility at Thailand has a state of the art testing facility for wind pressure, air tightness, water tightness, material composition & strength, sound isolation, thermal insulation, light & UV resistance and anodizing life test, against both JIS & ASTM standards. Hardware is tested for 200,000 cycles, which is many times more than lifetime use of the product.

Detailed inspections are carried out during the design & testing stages of products to ensure only designs that pass strict quality control tests are allowed to be offered to customers.