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Modern Window Designs

TOSTEM introduces an exquisite collection of highly unique, resilient, sturdy, breathtaking, and latest window designs for homes and office spaces. Our modern window design brings the picturesque beauty of new-age architecture into your indoor living spaces and accentuates its aesthetic appeal. Made of aluminium, our door and window designs aspire to connect living with nature, improve lifestyle, and create sustainable housing solutions for the contemporary homeowner.

Features of our Modern Window Designs
  • Slim Sightlines: Our modern window designs feature slim window sashes and large glass panels to offer expansive views of the outside world. Experience what it's like to bask in the glory of a well-lit and perfectly ventilated home that both looks and feels exquisite.
  • Rubber EPDM Gaskets: Finger pinching is a common phenomenon in windows with sharp edges. By using rubber-made EPDM gaskets in our modern window designs, we secure and safeguard window operation to protect you from accidentally hurting your fingers.
  • One-Way Drainage Valve: Water seepage into your homes in times of heavy rainfall and storms is prevented using a one-way drainage valve in our door and window design. The use of precision nano-tech gaskets at the corner joints of the window frames prevents water ingress.
  • Crescent Lock: TAs opposed to the traditional push lock system, crescent locks are sturdier, safer, and easier to operate. Easy to slide and rotate, these crescent locks add an element of glamour and aesthetic perfection to our latest window designs.
  • L-Fit Handles: Another unique feature of our modern window designs is the L-fit handle it comes with. Engineered to fit in with living spaces, our L-fit window handles create a sense of uniformity and comfort while redefining the aesthetic elegance of your contemporary spaces.
  • Pre-Engineered: Our modern door and window designs are pre-manufactured in our factory in Thailand. Its machine-driven manufacturing makes it possible for us to deliver bulk orders of 100 windows or more while ensuring pristine quality and size accuracy across all our products.
  • Anodized Coating: Our spectacular modern window designs are doubly secured with the twin protection of anodized and patented TEXGUARD coating. The result: long-lasting luster and surface protection from heat, sunlight, and water.
  • Benefits of our Modern Window Designs
    • Usage-optimized Design: Design meets functionality to the fullest in our enterprising modern window designs. The hardware and metal profiles of our latest window designs for office and home spaces are designed as per usage needs and performance requirements.
    • Performance-Tested: Standing uncontested as the perfect housing solution for all weather conditions and geographies, our modern window designs are industry-tested to ensure optimal performance against wind, air, water, noise, and sound disturbances.
    • Easy Assembly & Installation: Optimally designed and fabricated for easy assembly and installation, our pre-engineered modern window door designs come home delivered in a box, making ease of movement, handling, storage, and assembly a guarantee with us.
    • Versatile Product Range: Both low-rise and high-rise luxury modern window designs are available with TOSTEM INDIA. Transforming your homes into centers of opulence becomes effortless when you install our spectacular aluminium windows in your home.
    • Recycle-Friendly: TOSTEM is driven by the desire to reduce its carbon footprint, which is why we use aluminium to engineer our modern door and window designs. The multiple recycling ability of aluminium makes our windows a sustainable and eco-friendly housing solution.
    • High Durability:That our door and window designs are resistant to corrosion means that they are rust-free and highly durable. Immune to frequent wear and tear, our aluminium doors and windows are designed to stand the test of time and offer sturdy resilience to your home.
    • Cleaning Efficiency:The anodized and TEXGUARD coating protects our window surfaces from accumulating dust, making our windows easy to clean and easier to maintain. Believe it or not, a quick wipe with a cloth every once in a fortnight is more than enough.
    • Design Versatility:We offer a distinguished collection of impeccable modern window designs. Available in casement, french, sliding, tilt & turn, vertical, awning, slit, fixed, folding, and glass to glass corner designs, our products are designed to revolutionize your homes.
    Uses of Tostem India’s Modern Window Designs
    • Modern Window Design For Bathrooms: Our window door design is a work of art and a perfect choice for contemporary bathrooms. Install our modern door and window designs to transform your mundane washrooms into spaces of exquisite comfort and delight.
    • Modern Window Design For Balcony Spaces: Engineering the perfect exterior window design in India is our specialty. Our latest window designs are conceptualized to connect your indoor living spaces with your balcony and transform them into spaces of aesthetic perfection.
    • Modern Window Design For Kitchens: Transforming your kitchens into spaces of comfort and beauty becomes a possibility in the company of our exquisite modern window designs. Enjoy meal prep like never before by installing our modern window design for kitchens now.
    • Modern Window Design For Bedrooms: Nothing can stop you from transforming your bedrooms into palatial centers of breathtaking beauty when you purchase our products. Install our door and window designs to complete the aesthetic magnificence of your bedrooms.
    • Modern Window Design For Wardrobes: Let the fresh air and sunlight seep into your wardrobe spaces and light up your homes. Our modern window design for wardrobes is designed to complement your wardrobes and enhance their aesthetic beauty.
What makes TOSTEM your go-to Brand for Modern Window Designs


Global Quality Standards:

TOSTEM modern window designs are engineered and tested as per global manufacturing standards such as JIS, ASTM, and BS. As such, reliable performance against extreme weather conditions and temperature variations is a guarantee with our products.


Cutting-Edge Japanese Technology:

As the leading Japanese brand for global housing and building materials, TOSTEM has harnessed sophisticated Japanese technology to manufacture performance-optimized exterior window design in India.


Quality Assurance & Testing:

By upholding competitive ASTM (American standards for testing and materials) and JIS (Japanese industrial standards) quality assurance standards, we ensure industry-verified performance and quality across all our modern window designs.


Surface & Colour Perfection:

Think long-lasting luster and gloss retention. Think TOSTEM’s aluminium modern window designs. In addition to anodizing, we also use the patented TEXGUARD system to preserve the surface color and protect it from heat, light, and water.


On-Time Delivery:

Our vibrant collection of exquisite modern window designs stands unmatched in quality and delivery time. Purchasing from us means hassle-free and on-time delivery irrespective of how impenetrable your current location may be.


Flexible Aluminium Window Price:

Our modern window designs are reasonably priced and budget-friendly. Choose an eloquent aluminium window design in your target price range from us to transform your home into a haven of aesthetic perfection.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What are the different styles of window designs?
How do I choose a modern window design?

Choose a window based on these parameters:

  • Quality: Look for a modern window design with industry-approved quality. Our adherence to competitive ASTM and JIS quality assurance standards help us make premium quality windows.
  • Style & Design Options: Purchase a product that comes with the option to choose from a wide array of colors, frames, grills, and mesh options.
  • Cleaning Efficiency: Low accumulation of dust on the surface of our modern window designs make our window easy to clean with minimal effort.
  • Product Durability: With durability comes minimum spend on maintenance and upkeep. Our modern doors and window designs are made from aluminium which is 10X stronger than UPVC. What this means is that our windows do not bend or crack easily. Moreover, its anti-rust properties and anodized + TEXGUARD coating ensures surface protection and long-lasting luster.